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I had posted some information in regards to a transmission I was looking for and was contacted via email by J&S used engine (HOUSTONE TEXAS)and spoke to Jason and Steve about a transmission that they had they quoted me a price of $895.00 I informed them both of them that I had not purchased the auto yet and I wasn't going to until I had a the numbers of how much this transmission was going to cost.They put it in an email which I will copy in this email that they had one and that they represented that it was in good working condition and that it was already tested and ready to ship.

I asked both of them a number of times about the warranty and that it was tested and ready to go and they both reassured me that it was good to go. They gave me a shipping date and collected my credit card information and told me they were shipping the transmission Friday 12/09/2011 I called that Friday and they told me it wasn't going to ship until that Monday I called them again and they then told me it was going to ship Tuesday the 12/13/2011 I then called again and didn't get a answer I called again on Wednesday 12/14/2011 and still didn't get a answer then later that day I get a voicemail that the part they represented was not in working condition and that they could not fill the order. This is after they represented a number of times that it was already tested and worked and took all my Credit card info and sent me an invoice, not to mention this is after I paid for the auto. Now all the prices I am being quoted are more then double for this transmission.

This is false advertising and very misleading.

I am not only contacting your agency but I am also contacting the AG office in Texas as well.

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I'm dealing with this guy as we speak.so far he is showing signs of being sleezy as of right now I cannot tell you what the quality of the work is however far as communication goes he is trash.

anybody who wants to get in contact with this guy because he has *** you over shoot me a e mail and I will give you the physical address of the shop because believe you me I will be the last person he messes over in Texas.

I work to hard for somebody to take ANYTHING FROM ME.coshawn44@yahoo.com


This place is a scam 1100 lost due to the scam....these people are scam artists

New York, New York, United States #710903

Please if someone could help I bought a motor from these scumbags almost a month ago costing $3,500 and still have not gotten it and can't get an answer from them as to when I'll get it or where it is and I don't know who to contact in Texas about it can anyone help!!! My email is ianbrooks52@yahoo.com

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I had a similar experience with them. Please let me know if you were successful with the ag I too would file a complaint. Spudd2004@gmail.com

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I purchased a used 5.4 liter engine from J and S.I was told, that the engine only had 40k miles on it.

When the enging was installed. The engine was knocking. My mechanic examined the engine and it was full of sludge. I returned the engine,and had to notify my bank to reverse the charges totaling $3100.00.

J and S kept telling me the refund would post the next day.Dont buy from J and S.


I to bought a transmission from YOU Jason under your other company name Apollo Engines.Nowyou claim you have changed your name and are refusing to warranty the transmission YOU sold me!!

You should consider yourself lucky they did not send you a transmission you will never get your money back!

I have already contacted the attorney general on these people guess what this is the third name change for these people and they were fricken sued by the AG!!If your smart you will NOT buy anything from these people they will steal your money and send you junk!


This part was represented a number of times it was already tested and was ready to ship. Jason and Steve both said it was in GREAT working order and was being shipped on 12/09/11 again buyers beware


The parts are pre-checked , but as I explained to the Michael Matalka - we DO NOT charge credits on a part until it it re-checked prior to shipping.Upon re-checking the unit and finding a small crack in the case after steam cleaning the trans, we informed Mr.

Matalka of the issue and was unable to supply a comprable unit. Instead of shipping a transmission with an issue, we thought it best to cancel the order and again WE NEVER CHARGED THE CREDIT CARD. If this was a "false company" or "misleading" then we would have charged the card and shipped a faulty unit. I dont really know what Mr.

Matalka would like us to do, but if we find an issue with one of our used parts and we are not 100% comfortable with the unit then we will not ship it and we WILL NOT TAKE PAYMENT.The fact that quotes from our competitors are higher than what we were willing to sell our unit for , really has nothing to do with our company.

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